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Keynote Speaker:  Erin Jones​​

Issues in the Morning:

  •  How to Recognize and Address Islamophobia

Mohamad Bakr, Muslim Community & Neighborhood Association

Reverand Terry Kyllo, Neighbors in Faith

  •  Why is 11:00 on Sunday morning the most segregated hour in Christian America?

Pastor Lara Bolger, Redmond United Methodist Church

Reverend Tom Brewer, Bellevue Presbyterian

Pastor Josh McQueen, Overlake Christian Church

  •  What Do We Do About DACA?

Sara Gómez Taylor, Dr. Jesús Pérez, Cascadia College

Jay Stratton, Eastside Legal Assistance Program

  •  The Business Case for Supporting Staff of Color

Charlotte Flanagan, SAP Concur     Trusted 10     Business Case for Supporting Staff of Color handout

Elaine Acacio, City of Bellevue Diversity and Inclusion Program     The Business Case for Supporting Staff of Color ppt

  •  Education – Students of color in the gap

Matthew Livingston, Lake Washington School District     PowerPoint     Checklist for Culturally Responsive Instruction

Equity in Education Research Brief     Region X - Culturally Responsive Teaching    A Trip to the Grocery Store     I am NOT Black, You Are NOT White    

Worlds Apart

  • Hosting Courageous Conversations on the Topic of Race

Paula Matthysse, Aboundance LLC     PowerPoint     Cafe to Go     The Art of Powerful Questions

Waing Waing, Center for Ethical Leadership

  • Who Built the Table? How Community Engagement Efforts Perpetuate Inequity

Debbie Lacy, Eastside Refugee & Immigrant Coalition

  • Social Justice and Struggles for Indigenous Sovereignty

Arlie Neskahi, Salish Tribe

Mary Wilber, Lake Washington School District Native American Education Program

Solutions in the Afternoon:

Plenary Discussion: Systemic Change for Disrupting Racism and Inequity

  • Richard Romero, CEO Seattle Credit Union

  • Bruce Miyake, Assistant US Attorney

  • Jo Cavinta, King County Library System

  • Shomari Jones, Bellevue School District Department of Equity

Plenary Discussion: Local Actions to Create Equitable Communities

  • Amy Walen, City of Kirkland Mayor 

  • Steve Mylett, City of Bellevue Police Chief

  • Debbie Lacy, Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition

AWESOME event! See you next year!!

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