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Breakfast & Check In

Welcome and Summit Logistics

Keynote: Mayor Jimmy Matta

Courageous Leadership During Challenging Times - Leading With Race at the Forefront


Morning Breakout Sessions

Session 1 - Leaders of Color

How do we support and do the work that is needed to make sure People of Color are heard?

Session 2 - Hate Crimes On the Rise

What can communities do?

Session 3 - Racial Justice

How does it play out in your community and what more do we need to do?

Session 4 - Advocacy and Policies

What do we have in place or need in place to address equity, inclusion and racial justice and how do we become advocates for this?

Session 5 - City of Bellevue Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Will share on the work they have been doing around equity and inclusion as city staff


Keynote: Kalika Curry

Stories from a multicultural woman, searching for her “DAP” in a predominately white and binary community.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Session 1

Kalika Curry and Rachel Ramirez-Silva will continue the discussion with more detail from the opening keynote

Session 2

What Does Allyship Mean and How Can the White Community Take Ownership of Their Part in This Process?

Session 3

How Do We Start to Colorize Our Conversations So That Race Becomes a Relevant Part of the Discussion?

Session 4

How Can People of Color Navigate Safely in Workplaces Operating Under White Supremacist Cultural Bias?

Session 5

What Can We, As a Cultural and Society, Do Differently to Support Youth of Color?

Session 6 - Debbie Lacy

Why Equity Efforts Stall Out and What to Do About it

     Mapping the Equity Ecosystem (PPT)

Sharing and Close

"I really enjoyed Mayor Jimmy Mata's keynote address. Good speaker, touching notes."

"I love the rap songs too, it was very interactive and engaging."

"I was thoroughly impressed with the diversity, not only represented in presenters' ethnic backgrounds, but also the variety of their experience, organizations they represented and topics they presented on. The mix of large group presentations and smaller breakout sessions that allowed participants to interact struck a perfect balance."

"I enjoyed the keynote and the energy in the 'big room.' I really enjoyed meeting new people interested in this work."

"Meeting others who care and want to take action."

"Lots of time to interact with others."

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